reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

The Top 4 Destinations For A Doggone Good Family Vacation

by Katie Hart

While millions of Americans love to travel, those with pets face particular challenges. Leaving the beloved animal at a kennel costs a small fortune, and may cause them to be very stressed and unhappy. However, having a dog in tow doesn't always make for the best of vacations, unless you plan for the event with the animal in mine from the onset. Here are four of the best ideas for fun on the road that can include your four-legged friend.

The Beach

An open area by the ocean is an all time American favorite for relaxation and frolicking, and it can also be a great place to bring your dog. Find a pet-friendly hotel within walking distance of the water, and there's really nothing else you need, save for a picnic basket and dog biscuits. From Huntington Dog Beach in California to Dog Beach in Fort Myers, Florida, the coastline is littered with wonderful stops that don't exclude amazing animals.

  • Bring an extra gallon of water specifically for the dog.
  • Rent or buy a large enough umbrella to provide him with shade.
  • Dogs can drown the same way people can, so keep him close to shore.

Touring American Landmarks

Not only can you take the family on a tour of George Washington's estate with your dog in tow, you can also take in the Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt Memorials as well. Show the kids famous monuments to the nation's wars, and you've got a lesson in history included in the vacation. Cross the Delaware like President Washington, too, where canine citizens are also welcome.

  •  Most structures (museums, historical homes, etc.) ask that dogs wait outside.
  •  You could face fines for not scooping after your dog.
  •   National parks and forests are usually strict regarding pets, due to concerns involving the wildlife.

Skiing The Slopes

With the exception of highly elegant accommodations, a lot of ski lodges are rustic and down to earth, meaning dogs are not discouraged. You might also find a very inexpensive rate for sleeping if you select a pet friendly hotel a few miles from the main skiing area, which would allow you to include your pet in the winter fun. Although dogs may be welcome in main lodges and on certain trails, some areas will naturally be restricted, such as lifts and slopes, however, other wide open spaces are great for games of tag, retrieving Frisbees and otherwise enjoying all that nature has to offer.

  •  If your dog exceeds 50 pounds, get permission even at pet friendly hotels. You can find these at sites like
  •  Request a first floor room if possible, for more convenient night time and early morning "runs".
  •  Dogs left in rooms nearly always must be crated and not prone to barking.

Camping Anywhere

Depending on the temperament of your dog, and how well he listens, camping could be a regular activity for your family, without ever putting a call in to a kennel. Your dog will naturally love exploring the woods, and hanging out by the campfire, and he'll bring everyone a little peace of mind when things go bump in the night.

  •  Don't let your dog consume standing water, unless you can be certain it's clean.
  •  Never let him off the leash, for the sake of other campers, and to ensure he doesn't' get lost.
  •  Perform checks for ticks at least once a day, and promptly remove any you find.

Traveling with your dog isn't just fun, it's more relaxing for you, because you don't have to worry about how well he is faring back home. When you include your dog in vacation plans, rather than trying to force him into something that's less than ideal, the entire adventure is a wonderful experience for everyone.


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reunite the extended family on vacation

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