reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

How To Choose The Best Bus Charter For Your Event: Consider Your Needs

by Katie Hart

So, you're looking to charter a bus and driver to transport you to your next event. Whether you're driving to a local sporting event, a business meeting in the next town or taking your group cross-country for an exhilarating tour, there are some smart options to consider when transporting your party. With so many great choices to consider, how do you select the best bus charter for your trip? Some options include all the amenities, while others simply offer the basics. To help you make the right choice, consider your needs and what you can afford. Narrow your choices as follows:

For Executive Travel

When cost is not a major concern and you simply want all the luxuries available, a deluxe motor coach can accommodate your needs. Many are equipped with plush leather reclining seats, WIFI and cable TV. Restrooms and air conditioning are often included, and some motor coach buses will seat up to several dozen passengers.

For Entertainment Travel or Touring in Style

Do you have a musical group or other entertainers to transport? You might want to lease an over-sized tour bus or entertainment bus. This is often referred to as a sleeper bus. This option is often preferred by celebrities as they travel from city to city.

What luxuries are included with this type of chartered bus? For one thing, you'll find sleeping accommodations on board. A sleeper tour bus will include several bunks and are often the most costly option of all. These are equipped with air conditioning, restrooms and a television. Keep in mind, the entertainment sleeper chartered buses often require long-term leasing of approximately a month or more.

For a Custom Ride

Are you planning on a sightseeing tour for a small to mid-size party? If so, consider the trolley, as it may fit the bill nicely. While the trolley may not always be available in every location, it is worth inquiring about and booking in advance, if you seek something unusual. Trolleys typically feature an open-air design. Keep in mind, trolley charters may be somewhat more costly than other options, as these are considered custom orders.

For the Budget-Conscious

Will you be transporting a small group of passengers to a relatively short distance? If so, you might save yourself some money by chartering the smallest charter bus available, often referred to as a mini-bus or bus shuttle. Consider this option for business shuttling, or perhaps a causal weekend outing such as a ballpark game with family and friends. It's also a good choice for construction crews who must travel from one location to another.

Keep in mind, there is typically no restroom facility on a mini bus, although other amenities may be available. Many of the modern shuttle/mini buses have iPod docks, as well as video players. Some also include a PA system, and most will offer air conditioning as well.

For School Outings and Field Trips

If you must transport a small to mid-size group of students for a field trip or other outing or event, a school bus charter may be just the thing. It's as economical as the shuttle bus option, although it typically has few or no amenities. You'll also be limited to travel distance. However, if you're traveling a relatively short distance and do not require air conditioning or a lavatory, this option is worth considering.

Remember, there are bus charters available to suit most needs and budgets. When weighing your estimated costs, don't forget to consider a few important factors. Tolls, parking costs and multi-driver expense for long distance touring are a few aspects to keep in mind. 

Talk with professional charter service companies, such as Pacific Coachways Charter Services, for more information and options. 


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reunite the extended family on vacation

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