reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

A Guide To Food Lovers & Hotel Accommodation Packages

by Katie Hart

If you love to eat while you're on vacation, then you will want to book a trip that comes with a lot of eating perks. As you plan a trip, check out some of the hotel accommodation packages features that cater directly to eating on your vacation. Each feature includes a lot of extras and bonuses included with your price.

All-Inclusive Resorts

If you want to eat unlimited food without worrying about constantly charging your bank account, then check out the options available at all-inclusive resorts. Resorts with all-inclusive accommodations allow you to dine at any of the on-sire restaurants and enjoy all of the meal options available.

When you book your room, you may also add a beverage package and receive free drinks as well. Compare the prices to individual meal purchases and see the savings that can come with a stay at an all-inclusive resort. The resorts will often have multiple restaurants, so you can mix up cuisine and try out different meals throughout your whole stay on the property.

Food Vouchers

Some hotels you stay at may not have their own restaurants on the property, but there will be nearby restaurants that work with the hotel to provide discounts. As you search for hotel packages, look for rooms that include free food vouchers. The vouchers are essentially gift cards to enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

The restaurants give you close dining options to choose from, which are often just minutes away from the room you stay at. The food voucher value may change and depends on the amount of people who stay in your room.

Free Hotel Meals

If the hotel does have a restaurant or room service, then look into free hotel meals that come with a vacation package. One of the staple meals offered by hotels is a free breakfast. Look into the details to see what the breakfast actually offers. Some may include a basic continental breakfast while others include a full hot breakfast with cooked to order meals.

Look for deals that expand beyond breakfast and may include family or buffet-style dining opportunities.

Local Discount Packages

Some hotel accommodations may include a coupon book for local deals and discounts. The coupons could include local restaurants and popular tourist attractions. The discounts will help you save extra money as you plan your vacation and the meals you want to try.

Some coupons will become instantly available after you book your trip and give you the opportunity to make restaurant reservations when needed.

Look into packages so you can make the most out of your vacation meals and save money along the way.


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reunite the extended family on vacation

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