reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

4 Huge Advantages Of Airport Parking Services

by Katie Hart

Those who are flying out of town and are unable to leave their vehicles at home, take note. You may think that you can ride to the airport the day of your flight, park your car, and leave it, worry free. But there is another option you may need to consider. Off-site airport parking services are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to simplify your travels in multiple ways. Here are four advantages to using a private airport parking service, and why you should consider using one for your next trip.

Hassle-Free Parking

If you've ever flown somewhere and had a hard time finding a parking spot at the airport, you know how stressful it can be. You've got a limited amount of time, so why are you spending it hunting down a space?

Unfortunately, most airports won't let you reserve a parking place ahead of time. And if you can't find a spot, you risk missing your flight. Or, if you do find a spot but can't seem to locate a shuttle bus within a timely manner to take you to your terminal, you're also at risk of missing your check-in and having to wait for the next available flight. Sarah Schlichter, an independent traveler, mentions a fellow traveler who ran into this exact problem, eventually resorting to bribing an attendant for a parking spot.

It shouldn't be this way. With an off-site parking service, your parking is hassle-free because you make reservations to leave your car ahead of time instead of hoping you'll get lucky enough to find a spot at the airport. And once you arrive and park, the company will provide you with a shuttle service to get you to the airport safely and efficiently, and usually without any additional charges.

Discount Rates

Depending on where you live, utilizing an airport parking service can be cheaper than parking at the airport itself. A simple online search will reveal multiple discounts and vouchers, or you can check out specials that come directly from the company you use. Some of them will offer a free day of parking after a certain number of days. Others might offer a year-round discount when you sign up to receive a newsletter—perfect for the frequent traveler. actually took a look at five of the web's most popular discount parking services in three of the nation's biggest cities—New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Upon doing a price comparison, they found that, with the exception of two different parking services in Chicago, all five of the off-site services were cheaper. For example, the cheapest long-term lot on-site at LaGuardia for one week in April was $156 compared to $109.28 with an off-site service.

Safety Of Your Vehicle

One of the biggest things travelers tend to worry about is how safe their car will be in the lot, or how safe they will be walking to and from the terminal. Pretty much anyone and everyone has access to your car when it stays at the airport, leaving your car highly vulnerable. And for years now, cars in airport parking lots have been a target for vandals and thieves.

Each company varies in what they offer for your peace of mind. But with an off-site parking service, you can usually depend on tighter security throughout. This includes things like fences or gates, indoor parking, 24/7 security and lighting, and attendants who are present to keep an eye on everything.

Other Bonuses and Perks

Many airport parking companies offer bonuses or perks for utilizing their services. Some will wash your car while you're away, while others will give your car a tune-up, change the oil, service the air conditioning, or replace your tires. So if you happen to be in the market for auto service, why not have it done while you're out of town? This eliminates the need for having to rent a car or use a loaner at any other time.

Also, if the airport is a long way from home, you might want to start your journey the night before and stay in a hotel. With a little investigating, you can probably find one that offers a shuttle service to and from the airport. Schlichter mentions one particular hotel that costs $74 for the night, but guests are allowed to leave their car for up to one week, saving travelers in the area up to $50 on long-term parking expenses. For more information, contact a company like simple airport parking.


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reunite the extended family on vacation

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