reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

  • You Can Enjoy A Cycling Tour Even If You Are A Beginner With A Bicycle

    You may have thought that the idea of hitting the open road or pathways on a bicycle would make a dream vacation. It might also be true that you are not an experienced cyclist and think that you can never handle a bike for the length of time it would take to complete the tour. You can still enjoy a cycling tour even if you are a beginner if you follow a few tips:

  • Tips For Planning Your Perfect Disney Vacation

    If you have never been to Disney before, or it has been a few years, you might want to make sure that you are carefully planning out as much about your trip as possible. This way, you will leave Disney completely happy with your experience and not feeling as though you missed out on anything. After all, you could spend an entire week there and find that you are unable to do and see every little thing there is that is offered by Disney.

  • Ways To Make A Fishing Outing More Exciting For Your Children

    Many parents who love fishing are eager to get their children involved in this pastime. While older children will often gravitate toward fishing, it may be a challenge for those who are younger. Fishing can involve long periods of inactivity, followed by brief flurries of excitement. If your children don't exactly have long attention spans, they may begin to get bored during the process and disrupt your day out on the water.

  • 5 Secret Tricks That Will Help You Book & Get The Most Out Of Your Next Hotel

    If you have a trip coming up, and feel like you always end up paying more than you should for your hotel or don't end up with the experience that you thought you would get from the hotel, here are five secret tricks that will help you get the rate and type of hotel experience that you are looking for. #1 Call The Hotel Directly If you really want to get the best rate on your hotel, skip the online booking sites as well as the 800 number for the hotel chain.

  • Attending A Destination Wedding? 5 Tips To Minimize The Cost And Maximize The Fun

    With the summer wedding season in full swing, you've no doubt received invitations to attend weddings near and far. But, when you receive an invite to a destination wedding, you may have additional concerns. The added cost and commitment of being a destination wedding guest can be daunting. So, how can you make the trip work for you as well as for the bride and groom? Here are 5 top tips for any destination wedding guest.

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reunite the extended family on vacation

When was the last time your entire family was together. If your family is anything like mine, you have siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles spread across the United States. Having so many people scattered across such a distance can make family gatherings nearly impossible. Have you considered having an extended family vacation? This is one way to get everyone together and and you can actually save money on some of your travel needs. My site is loaded with information about how to get group rate discounts at hotels, restaurants and events in different areas. These discounts may make what seems impossible, a possibility.