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Taxi Cab or Rental Car: Which Is the Better Option for Your Out-of-Town Trip?

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Uncategorized |

When planning a trip away from home, the question of what to do for transportation will invariably come up. Should you rent a car to use while in the area or set aside money for taxi service? Here are a couple of things to consider that may help you decide on the best one for your situation. Comparing Monetary Costs Of course, the primary issue you’ll want to consider is the cost of each option, particularly if you’re working with a tight budget. The average cost of a car rental varies depending on the type of vehicle you get. The least expensive option comes in anywhere from $45 to $65 per day, while the price for a luxury-class rental can be as much as $120 or more per day. Even the cheapest car will cost you about $315 per 7-day rental period, and that doesn’t include gas, charges for mileage, and insurance. Taxi cabs, on the other hand, are an all-inclusive transportation option that only require you to pay a fee per trip. Typically there is an initial charge and then a fee per mile driven. In Atlanta, for example, the initial fee is $2.50 and then $0.25 per eighth of a mile (i.e., $2.00 per mile). There is also typically a charge to have the taxi wait for you. You can find good deals with either of these options. There are a number of travel websites that may help you score cheap car-rental prices, especially if you package the rental with airfare or hotel reservations. Taxi companies will also offer special deals for locations where they frequently travel. For instance, the cab may charge a low flat price for transportation to and from the airport because the driver does a lot of runs there. Still, though, you’ll probably only want to rent a vehicle if you’ll be doing a lot of driving around. A taxi cab offers the same type of flexibility as having your own car, so the big question is whether you will be doing much traveling around an area where taxi fees will cost more than renting a car. If you’re only going to be visiting a few places that aren’t very far away from where you’re staying, using a taxi service may be the more budget-friendly option. Looking at Hidden Costs There are a variety of hidden costs you’ll also want to consider when deciding whether to rent a vehicle or opt for a taxi. Having your own vehicle is very convenient. You can come and go as you please whenever you want. As noted previously, taxis offer the same type of flexibility. However, it’s undeniable that you do have to wait for the driver to pick you up, and wait times can be long on busy days. Another drawback of using a taxi service is that not all cab companies have drivers available 24 hours a day. Sometimes cabs are only on-call during set hours (e.g., 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.) and you must make a reservation in advance for times outside of that. This depends a lot on where you are, though. Smaller towns may have more availability issues than bigger ones like New York City. However, there are hidden costs associated with rental cars as well. You have to include the...

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How To Choose The Best Bus Charter For Your Event: Consider Your Needs

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Uncategorized |

So, you’re looking to charter a bus and driver to transport you to your next event. Whether you’re driving to a local sporting event, a business meeting in the next town or taking your group cross-country for an exhilarating tour, there are some smart options to consider when transporting your party. With so many great choices to consider, how do you select the best bus charter for your trip? Some options include all the amenities, while others simply offer the basics. To help you make the right choice, consider your needs and what you can afford. Narrow your choices as follows: For Executive Travel When cost is not a major concern and you simply want all the luxuries available, a deluxe motor coach can accommodate your needs. Many are equipped with plush leather reclining seats, WIFI and cable TV. Restrooms and air conditioning are often included, and some motor coach buses will seat up to several dozen passengers. For Entertainment Travel or Touring in Style Do you have a musical group or other entertainers to transport? You might want to lease an over-sized tour bus or entertainment bus. This is often referred to as a sleeper bus. This option is often preferred by celebrities as they travel from city to city. What luxuries are included with this type of chartered bus? For one thing, you’ll find sleeping accommodations on board. A sleeper tour bus will include several bunks and are often the most costly option of all. These are equipped with air conditioning, restrooms and a television. Keep in mind, the entertainment sleeper chartered buses often require long-term leasing of approximately a month or more. For a Custom Ride Are you planning on a sightseeing tour for a small to mid-size party? If so, consider the trolley, as it may fit the bill nicely. While the trolley may not always be available in every location, it is worth inquiring about and booking in advance, if you seek something unusual. Trolleys typically feature an open-air design. Keep in mind, trolley charters may be somewhat more costly than other options, as these are considered custom orders. For the Budget-Conscious Will you be transporting a small group of passengers to a relatively short distance? If so, you might save yourself some money by chartering the smallest charter bus available, often referred to as a mini-bus or bus shuttle. Consider this option for business shuttling, or perhaps a causal weekend outing such as a ballpark game with family and friends. It’s also a good choice for construction crews who must travel from one location to another. Keep in mind, there is typically no restroom facility on a mini bus, although other amenities may be available. Many of the modern shuttle/mini buses have iPod docks, as well as video players. Some also include a PA system, and most will offer air conditioning as well. For School Outings and Field Trips If you must transport a small to mid-size group of students for a field trip or other outing or event, a school bus charter may be just the thing. It’s as economical as the shuttle bus option, although it typically has few or no amenities. You’ll also be limited to travel distance. However, if you’re traveling a relatively short distance and do not require...

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4 Huge Advantages Of Airport Parking Services

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Those who are flying out of town and are unable to leave their vehicles at home, take note. You may think that you can ride to the airport the day of your flight, park your car, and leave it, worry free. But there is another option you may need to consider. Off-site airport parking services are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to simplify your travels in multiple ways. Here are four advantages to using a private airport parking service, and why you should consider using one for your next trip. Hassle-Free Parking If you’ve ever flown somewhere and had a hard time finding a parking spot at the airport, you know how stressful it can be. You’ve got a limited amount of time, so why are you spending it hunting down a space? Unfortunately, most airports won’t let you reserve a parking place ahead of time. And if you can’t find a spot, you risk missing your flight. Or, if you do find a spot but can’t seem to locate a shuttle bus within a timely manner to take you to your terminal, you’re also at risk of missing your check-in and having to wait for the next available flight. Sarah Schlichter, an independent traveler, mentions a fellow traveler who ran into this exact problem, eventually resorting to bribing an attendant for a parking spot. It shouldn’t be this way. With an off-site parking service, your parking is hassle-free because you make reservations to leave your car ahead of time instead of hoping you’ll get lucky enough to find a spot at the airport. And once you arrive and park, the company will provide you with a shuttle service to get you to the airport safely and efficiently, and usually without any additional charges. Discount Rates Depending on where you live, utilizing an airport parking service can be cheaper than parking at the airport itself. A simple online search will reveal multiple discounts and vouchers, or you can check out specials that come directly from the company you use. Some of them will offer a free day of parking after a certain number of days. Others might offer a year-round discount when you sign up to receive a newsletter—perfect for the frequent traveler. actually took a look at five of the web’s most popular discount parking services in three of the nation’s biggest cities—New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Upon doing a price comparison, they found that, with the exception of two different parking services in Chicago, all five of the off-site services were cheaper. For example, the cheapest long-term lot on-site at LaGuardia for one week in April was $156 compared to $109.28 with an off-site service. Safety Of Your Vehicle One of the biggest things travelers tend to worry about is how safe their car will be in the lot, or how safe they will be walking to and from the terminal. Pretty much anyone and everyone has access to your car when it stays at the airport, leaving your car highly vulnerable. And for years now, cars in airport parking lots have been a target for vandals and thieves. Each company varies in what they offer for your peace of mind. But with an off-site parking service, you can usually depend on tighter security throughout....

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7 Photography Sites To Visit On Your Limo Tour Of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles may be known as the entertainment capital of the world, but it is also home to steep canyons and stunning views of the Pacific coastline, making it the perfect destination for a budding photographer. When you arrive, don’t waste a second of your time navigating unfamiliar streets or fighting for the last parking space. Hire a limo service to pick you up at LAX, like LAX Car Service, take you to the most beautiful photography sites in the city, and then drop you off at the airport when you are ready to go home. Don’t miss out on any of the best sites; tell your driver to take you to these destinations. 1. Theme Building at LAX Start your photography tour with a visit to the theme building at LAX, an iconic landmark designed in the Mid-Century Modern style of architecture. Practice your night photography skills by snapping photos of the illuminated exterior, or go to the observation deck to capture panoramic views of the city. When you finish your photo shoot, have an LAX limo service pick you up in front of the airport. 2. Hollywood Walk of Fame Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to soak up some of the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. A limo tour of this area is ideal because the walkway stretches for more than three miles along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. With a limo at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about lugging your camera equipment from one tile to another. Snap pictures of tiles for Ann Margaret, Penny Marshall, Drew Carey, and other entertainers. 3. Santa Monica Pier The Santa Monica Pier has plenty of opportunities for polishing your photography skills. The on-site Ferris wheel is the ideal subject if you need to explore the effects of different shutter speeds on the quality of your photos. The pier also attracts plenty of surfers and sports enthusiasts, making it a good place to practice taking action shots. 4. Huntington Botanical Gardens If macro photography is one of your interests, there’s no better place to visit than Huntington Botanical Gardens. The lily pond is a great place to take close-up shots of colorful flowers and insects. Practice your architectural photography skills in the Japanese garden, which has a ceremonial teahouse and plenty of bonsai plants. This site also has gardens featuring desert plants, camellias, and plants you would find in a tropical jungle. 5. The Hollywood Sign No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without getting a picture of the famed Hollywood sign. You can’t walk right up to the sign, so have your limo driver take you to the Hollywood Reservoir, Runyon Canyon Park, or Griffith Observatory. Practice working with the panoramic settings on your camera, or try taking a close-up shot of each letter. 6. Griffith Observatory Griffith Observatory has several items of interest for amateur photographers. The building has terraces close to the ground and an observation deck on the roof, allowing you to take photos from several different angles. Griffith Observatory also has interesting architectural details, making it a great photography subject. 7. Grauman’s Chinese Theater Stop by Grauman’s Chinese Theater to take photos of the famous Asian-style structure. The historic theater has authentic pagodas, temple bells, and other decorative items imported...

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Where Owner-OperatorTrucking Jobs Can Take Trucking Drivers

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Saying that the U.S. economy is no longer in recession would be an understatement. Indeed, consumer spending has significantly risen compared to a few years ago, which shows that the U.S. economy has gotten stronger. While companies were initially complaining that no one was buying their products following the crisis, they are realizing that they don’t have enough drivers to respond to the growing consumer demand. This article explains why owner-operator trucking jobs are the solution to the driver shortage issues, and how they can benefit new hires. Origins of driver shortage There are two reasons that were identified to explain where driver shortage issues came from: Expanding economy Demographic shift Being a driver is considered a relatively simple job that enables one to earn quick money without much hassle, which is very important for those who have just lost their source of income, and have a family to look after. But those who apply for driving jobs often view these positions as temporary, and rarely want to have a career in this industry. As the U.S. economy keeps on expanding, new jobs get created in popular sectors such as construction, thus stealing truck drivers away from the trucking industry. This can be explained by the fact that individuals are in search for more stable careers along with the benefits that come with them. While being a truck driver is a well-paid job, it requires spending long hours on the road, which isn’t ideal for those who are raising kids. Another reason explaining why there are fewer truck drivers is the demographic shift that is progressively taking place. It’s important to be clear about the fact that there still are many people applying for trucking driver jobs out there. Yet, the number of new hires is far below that of those who are retiring each year. Indeed, there are about 100,000 people who retire from the trucking industry every year, which is more than three times the number of vacancies, according to the American Trucking Association. Can truck leasing fix driver shortage issues? Sometimes referred to as owner-operator trucking jobs, truck leasing is a program that allows drivers to acquire their own truck. As you might know, being an owner-operator truck driver means that you’re working for a given company, receiving a salary, and making payments towards the acquisition of the truck. These positions provide an incredible incentive for those who have an entrepreneurial mind and don’t see themselves being truck drivers in the long run. When it comes to truck leasing, the career advancement occurs in three phases: Acquisition of operating authority Operating as an independent contractor Managing a small fleet of trucks The ultimate goal of truck leasing jobs is to turn truck drivers into self-accomplished entrepreneurs who will be able to use the knowledge that they have accumulated over the years to become successful. One of the major benefits that owner-operator trucking jobs offer is that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their small business while being off the road. Indeed, they no longer need to cover long distances and spend weeks away from their family because they are trying to earn money.  Drivers who are interested in truck leasing jobs and aspire to own a small fleet of trucks in the future should start developing their...

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Using The All Inclusive Package To Transition From Backpacking To Resort Life

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If you are an avid backpacker or shoestring solo traveller, then you might turn up your nose at the idea of staying at a resort for a week. After years of hostels and unknown bed and breakfasts, the all inclusive packages might make you laugh. Why would you want to experience something that has been planned out by someone else? Whatever preconceptions you might have, resorts can provide the perfect home base for an unforgettable vacation. You should try the all inclusive resort package at least once and here’s how to make the most of it.  An Introduction to Resort Life  Many budget travelers have never stayed at a resort, and the constant service and classy surroundings can be intimidating at first. An all inclusive vacation will give you the confidence to thoroughly explore your resort, with the knowledge that you have already paid for everything, including tips.  While you are exploring you will likely discover that resort life can include a lot more than fruity drinks at the pool. Your resort may offer snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing or even bungee jumping. When booking, you should make sure that the deluxe activities are included in the all inclusive deal.  Freedom to Explore  Just because you are staying at a resort does not mean that the resort should be your vacation destination. With years of experience as a backpacker, you should continue to behave like the savvy traveler you are and spend time exploring away from your resort. Instead of trying to get the most out of your money, consider that you have already paid for a safe space to lay your head and a constant supply of food and alcohol when you need time to recharge. You should try to spend the majority of the day away from the hotel. Eat away from the hotel and if the chance presents itself, you may even sleep away from the resort. In other words, make the resort work for you instead of feeling like you owe it your time and energy.  Meet Travel Companions  All inclusive deals tend to attract a variety of people from families to young singles that have a large desire to party. Among them, there is a high likelihood that you will find a cool travel companion who is up for an adventure.  To meet other travelers, join in a few group activities such as a fitness class or dance party, and eat your meals in the dining room, as opposed to relying on room service or take away. While you are at it, make sure to order simple, local foods as these tend to be better than the fancier dishes at all inclusive resorts.  Leave Your Expectations At Home  If you are used to gritty, intimate travel, you may not want to spend your free time at a resort. Perhaps you find them too clinical and safe compared to camping on the beach or sleeping in a tent. However, if you view them as their own micro-culture, they can surprise you by providing interesting experiences with unique people. Of course, if you approach your vacation with the idea that you will not enjoy resort life or fit in with the resort crowds, then it is likely that you will not have a good time.  While...

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5 Items You Don’t Want To Forget For Your Beach Vacation

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When you go on a beach vacation, you will most likely bring your beach necessities such as a bathing suit, snacks, flip flops, sun screen, and sunglasses. There are several extra items you don’t want to forget to bring with you or rent while you are at the beach resort so you can get the most enjoyment out of your beach vacation. Here are five things you don’t want to forget for your trip to help you get the most out of your beach time.  Waterproof Case for Your Smartphone While you are on vacation at a beach resort, you want to be able to take photos with your smartphone and not worry about ruining your phone in the water. A waterproof smartphone case protects your smartphone so that it can be submerged in over six feet of water for an hour and not be ruined. This will also allow you to take underwater photos of your family or friends traveling with you. A waterproof case for your smartphone will also protect your phone from any beach sand getting into the nooks and crannies of its exterior. Additionally, it will protect your phone if it is accidentally dropped during your vacation. Speakers For Your Smartphone While you are relaxing on the beach, you might want to listen to some music stored on your smartphone or with internet radio. The tiny speaker built into your smartphone is too small to play your music loud enough to hear during your beach activities. But, portable speakers will play your music much louder. Portable speakers don’t take up much room in your suitcase, so you can bring them with you on your vacation. Music is a good way to make your beach festivities more enjoyable. Bocce Ball Set Bocce is a sport that you can play on the soft beach sand of your vacation destination with your friends or family. Even Egyptians played this sport as far back as 5000 B.C. with polished stones. Many beach resorts today rent Bocce ball sets for you to use on the beach while you are a guest there. And, the rules are quite simple. Today’s game of Bocce uses eight large balls and one smaller ball as the target. Two teams divide the eight larger balls equally. Each team takes a turn throwing their balls, trying to land them closest to the target ball.  Sand Buckets And Shovel For small children, sand toys can provide hours of playtime in the giant sandbox of the resort beach. With a full beach of sand and water, they will be able to build, dig, and mix sand with shells, rocks, and other items on the beach for hours.  Most beach resorts provide weekly rentals for sand toys, or a nearby store will usually have them available for you to buy. Inflatable Water Floats Any type of inflatable tube, water raft, or giant-sized fish can make playing in the ocean or resort pool much more enjoyable, especially for young children. Even if you have room for these items in your luggage, there are usually shops and rental offices that have these types of inflatable water toys for you to use.  Any beach rental shop that provides inflatable water toys will provide high quality items that are durable and work well....

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3 Must-Have’s For Business Travel In A Big City

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Are you about to go on a business trip or start traveling for business a lot? Are you going to a big city for the trip? If you’re unfamiliar with big, metropolitan cities, your first time there can be a bit intimidating. The good news is that with a little preparation, you will get through your first trip seamlessly. Soon, you will be business traveling like a pro, and you will always be prepared for big city stays. Just make sure you have these three essential things handy and your first and future trips will be productive and enriching experiences. 1. A Reliable Taxi Service A reliable local taxi service is a typical part of most business trips, and an essential in a big city. You probably won’t be familiar with the city’s public transportation options, or even how to use them in some cases. You can’t get where you need to go on public transportation if you don’t know the layout of the city, after all. Driving a rental car may be harrowing if the city is crowded, like New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Do some research before your trip to discover what the most respected taxi service is in the city. When you get there, always use that service for all of your transportation needs. Do it from the time you get off the plane to the time you get back on it. If you come to that particular city often enough, the people at the taxi service may become familiar with you and where you typically go. You will be able to travel freely, knowing you’ll never get lost, end up on a bad side of town, or have trouble parking when you have a good taxi service at your disposal. 2. An Organizer for Your Electronic Devices Chances are high you will be traveling with a lot of electronic devices. Your mobile phone, a tablet, an MP3 player, and possibly a laptop are just some of the things you will need to bring with you on your business trip. Keeping them organized, along with their respective chargers, can be difficult, and it is easy to forget to bring something. When you have a good organizer that is made specifically for electronic devices, you will remember to pack everything, because there is an obvious place for everything in the organizer. There will also be places for each device’s charger, so you know which one goes with which device, and the charger cords won’t get tangled with each other. There are numerous electronic device organizers on the market. Get one that’s right for you and make your trip much easier. 3. A Good Supply of Over-the-Counter Medications Nothing is worse than getting sick while you’re on a business trip. If you’re not familiar with the area, getting out to get medication can be a challenge, especially when you’re feeling badly. You can get around this necessity by stocking up on over-the-counter medications for every possibility and bringing them with you (along with your regular prescription medications, of course). According to American Express, you should be bringing the following things: Pain relievers Anti-nausea medication Anti-itch cream Allergy medication It is also a good idea to include antacids, cough drops, cough medicine, antihistamines, an over-the-counter sleep aid,...

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3 Common Hotel Amenities You Might Not Be Taking Advantage Of

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If you travel occasionally, you might feel like you are pretty familiar with the types of amenities that most hotels offer. Instead of digging deeper to find all of the ways that your hotel might be able to help you out, you probably settle for the complimentary continental breakfast and extra travel shampoos. However, here are three common hotel amenities that you might not be taking advantage of, and how they can make your life a whole lot easier. 1: Laundry Service Don’t you hate all of the laundry that comes along with travel? In addition to returning to the normal grind when you get home, you might also be looking at several loads of laundry. Fortunately, there might be a way to avoid all of that hassle and arrive with a suitcase full of clean clothes.   Most hotels provide cheap laundry services, while some even offer it for free. When you take advantage of these services, your clothes will be washed, dried, and even pressed for you, if you wish. To take advantage of hotel laundry service, all you need to do is fill the available laundry bag with your dirty clothes and notify the front desk. Usually, if your laundry is picked up in the morning it will be cleaned and ready to go that night. With the help of laundry service, you can arrive home without being short on all of your favorite outfits for a few days. 2: Child Care Needs Parents everywhere shudder when they think about travelling with their children. In addition to carting along a slew of specialized kid-equipment, children can have a hard time adjusting to a new environment, even if they know that it is temporary. Parents might also struggle to have a good time on their trip if their kids are around, because they just won’t get a break. Fortunately, most hotels offer these great amenities, which might help you with your tiny tots. Stroller: Instead of taking up valuable trunk space for that stroller, ask if your hotel has one you can use. Most places have a few different available types so that you can get out and check out the sights. Portable Crib: Are you worried about sharing a bed with your baby on your trip? To avoid posing serious suffocation risks to your child and to allow you to get some sleep, most hotels offer portable cribs that you can set up right in your room. In-Room Babysitting: Although you love your children, you might wish that you could get away with your spouse while you are visiting an exciting vacation spot. Fortunately, many hotels offer cheap in-room babysitting, so that you can take a little time for yourself.  Before you leave for your vacation, call the hotel and ask how they can help you with your kids. You might be able to leave bulky equipment at home and plan a special night out with your sweetheart. 3: Business Centers Travelling alone for business can be difficult too. You might find yourself struggling to prepare documents for interested investors, or dealing with laptop problems without the help of your regular IT person. Fortunately, because business travel is hotter than ever, about 88% of hotels offer a business center that can help you to get a...

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6 Ways To Save Money On Your Hotel Room

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Are you looking for the best possible deal on your hotel room? Most travelers are, but not everyone knows how to get the lowest prices. Here’s what you need to know to save the most money. Book early Everyone knows that airline tickets are cheaper if you book early, but not everyone knows that hotel rooms are, too. Hotels set their prices in the same way that airlines do. As the occupancy increases, the price for the few remaining seats (or rooms, in this case) increases. If you book early, you’ll be able to pay a low price based on low occupancy. If you book a few days before you travel, the hotel is probably almost full, and their rates will reflect that.  Become a regular If you frequently travel to the same city, you shouldn’t choose a different hotel every time. If you always stay at the same hotel, ask the front desk agent for a discounted room rate. A regular will be more successful negotiating room rates than a one-time traveler will be, since the hotel doesn’t want to aggravate you and lose your future business.  Take advantage of memberships Are you a member in an organization? Some of the membership cards in your wallet can save you money at hotels. Many people think that AAA is just for roadside assistance, but if you flash your AAA card, you can save money at many hotels. You can save as much as 15% by being an AAA member. AARP, a group for seniors, will also save you money in many hotel chains.  Occupational organizations can also help you get lower rates at hotels. Are you a teacher, a police officer, or a firefighter? Prove that you’re a member of their organization, and many hotels will give you a discount. Become a loyalty program member If you’re not a member of AAA or AARP, you can still access members-only deals. Many hotels have loyalty programs that let card holders save money on rooms. Even if you only travel occasionally, you can still collect points and put them towards free or discounted rooms on future trips.  Marriott gave out 225 billion rewards points in 2013, and other hotels aren’t far behind. If you’re not a member of a loyalty program, you’re missing out on an easy way to save money on rooms. Look for coupons In this economy, even high end hotels are using coupons to drum up business. Coupon sites like Groupon frequently list deals on hotel rooms. You need to browse coupon websites frequently, since it’s easy to miss a deal.  If there is a travel center in your area, ask them if they have any coupons. Many travel centers will provide books of coupons for local attractions, and some of those coupons will be for hotel rooms. Book through third-party websites When hotels have low occupancy rates, they sell some of their rooms on third-party websites at discounted rates. Their philosophy is that getting some money for a room is better than getting no money at all, so they’d rather sell a room for cheap than let it be unoccupied.  Third-party websites can help you find more info on discounted rates. These websites will list numerous hotels and let you compare prices, which lets you find the cheapest...

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The Top 4 Destinations For A Doggone Good Family Vacation

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While millions of Americans love to travel, those with pets face particular challenges. Leaving the beloved animal at a kennel costs a small fortune, and may cause them to be very stressed and unhappy. However, having a dog in tow doesn’t always make for the best of vacations, unless you plan for the event with the animal in mine from the onset. Here are four of the best ideas for fun on the road that can include your four-legged friend. The Beach An open area by the ocean is an all time American favorite for relaxation and frolicking, and it can also be a great place to bring your dog. Find a pet-friendly hotel within walking distance of the water, and there’s really nothing else you need, save for a picnic basket and dog biscuits. From Huntington Dog Beach in California to Dog Beach in Fort Myers, Florida, the coastline is littered with wonderful stops that don’t exclude amazing animals. Bring an extra gallon of water specifically for the dog. Rent or buy a large enough umbrella to provide him with shade. Dogs can drown the same way people can, so keep him close to shore. Touring American Landmarks Not only can you take the family on a tour of George Washington’s estate with your dog in tow, you can also take in the Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt Memorials as well. Show the kids famous monuments to the nation’s wars, and you’ve got a lesson in history included in the vacation. Cross the Delaware like President Washington, too, where canine citizens are also welcome.  Most structures (museums, historical homes, etc.) ask that dogs wait outside.  You could face fines for not scooping after your dog.   National parks and forests are usually strict regarding pets, due to concerns involving the wildlife. Skiing The Slopes With the exception of highly elegant accommodations, a lot of ski lodges are rustic and down to earth, meaning dogs are not discouraged. You might also find a very inexpensive rate for sleeping if you select a pet friendly hotel a few miles from the main skiing area, which would allow you to include your pet in the winter fun. Although dogs may be welcome in main lodges and on certain trails, some areas will naturally be restricted, such as lifts and slopes, however, other wide open spaces are great for games of tag, retrieving Frisbees and otherwise enjoying all that nature has to offer.  If your dog exceeds 50 pounds, get permission even at pet friendly hotels. You can find these at sites like  Request a first floor room if possible, for more convenient night time and early morning “runs”.  Dogs left in rooms nearly always must be crated and not prone to barking. Camping Anywhere Depending on the temperament of your dog, and how well he listens, camping could be a regular activity for your family, without ever putting a call in to a kennel. Your dog will naturally love exploring the woods, and hanging out by the campfire, and he’ll bring everyone a little peace of mind when things go bump in the night.  Don’t let your dog consume standing water, unless you can be certain it’s clean.  Never let him off the leash, for the sake of other campers, and...

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