reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

5 Secret Tricks That Will Help You Book & Get The Most Out Of Your Next Hotel

by Katie Hart

If you have a trip coming up, and feel like you always end up paying more than you should for your hotel or don't end up with the experience that you thought you would get from the hotel, here are five secret tricks that will help you get the rate and type of hotel experience that you are looking for.

#1 Call The Hotel Directly

If you really want to get the best rate on your hotel, skip the online booking sites as well as the 800 number for the hotel chain. Instead, call the hotel's direct number. You can look up the number for the hotel online in order to get the direct one. When you talk to the hotel directly, instead of the central office or an online booking site, you are going to get the most direct rate and skip all the extra commission that can be added the hotel room rate when booking through online sites or the central office.

#2 Ask For A Corner Room

If you want to feel like you have more space in your room, see if you can get a corner room. Corner rooms are generally larger than the other rooms on each floor and are a great way to get a larger room without paying for an upgrade or asking specifically for a larger room. Another way to get a larger room is by asking for a handicapped room, but only if you qualify for one. 

#3 Call After Checkout Time For The Best Service

If you have extra requests for your room that you want to get fulfilled, be strategic about when you call. Don't call in the morning when most guests are checking out. In most hotels, the checkout time is somewhere around 11 a.m., so avoiding calling the hotel to ask for extra favors from around 9 a.m. to a little after one o'clock allows you to avoid hitting the hotel front desk when they are busiest and least likely to be able to look into your requests.

#4 Ask For Fresh Linens

The sheets in each room are changed after each guest. However, the blankets and comforter are not changed after each guest. To ensure that you get the cleanest bed possible, ask for fresh linens on your bed. That means asking to have the blankets and bedspread changed out as well as the sheets. Be sure to give the hotel advance warning so that their hotel cleaning staff has a chance to change out all the bedding before you arrive.

#5 Look Beyond The Stars

Be sure to look beyond the star rating for a hotel. The star rating corresponds to the amenities that the hotel offers and not the level of service that it offers. To find out what level of service that the hotel offers, look at sites that allow customers to review and rate hotels. Those star ratings will tell you more about the customer service that the hotel offers, unlike the official star ratings associated with a hotel, which tells you essentially the type of amenities that the hotel offers.

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reunite the extended family on vacation

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