reunite the extended family on vacation

reunite the extended family on vacation

Ways To Make A Fishing Outing More Exciting For Your Children

by Katie Hart

Many parents who love fishing are eager to get their children involved in this pastime. While older children will often gravitate toward fishing, it may be a challenge for those who are younger. Fishing can involve long periods of inactivity, followed by brief flurries of excitement. If your children don't exactly have long attention spans, they may begin to get bored during the process and disrupt your day out on the water. Before you take your kids on a fishing charter with you, it's ideal to take a handful of smaller outings wherever you enjoy fishing, as doing so should inform you as to whether your kids are ready for a bigger challenge. On those outings, here are some ways to make fishing more exciting.

Give Them Bobbers

It might sound simple, but a common plastic bobber clipped to a child's fishing line can provide lots of entertainment. When a child's lure goes into the water, there's little for him or her to look at. However, if you clip a bobber to the line at the proper height, it will give the child something on which to focus. Teach your children to carefully watch the bobber, as when it dips below the surface of the water, it could mean that a fish has bitten the lure. This point of focus is ideal for keeping kids' attention.

Visit A Spot With Lots Of Action

If your goal is to catch one or more big fish, you might head to a deep part of the body of water. This means that you'll be in for lots of time with no action. Although you might accept this scenario, children will usually find it to be boring. When you're fishing with your kids, and especially when you're trying to get them interested in the hobby, it's better to visit a spot that has lots of fish. Most fishing enthusiasts know spots in which you can catch small fish every few casts, and while this might not be as thrilling for you, it will be a blast for your children.

Have Them Watch The Fish Finder

Sometimes, your children will get to the point that they don't want to sit with their lures in the water. However, this doesn't mean that you need to head for home. If you're on a boat, give them the "important" assignment of monitoring your fish finder. Fish finders typically display small, medium, and large icons to represent the fish below your boat, and most children will have fun alerting you when a large fish icon appears on the screen.

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reunite the extended family on vacation

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